Social Media and Technology for Weddings

Social media is a part of our every day lives.  People are constantly on their smart phones, iPads or tablets taking photos and uploading them onto sites like Facebook and Instagram.  The world lives on the minute-to-minute headlines posted on Twitter and that’s how information gets shared today.  It’s hard to go off the grid and shut the content streaming down for even a minute.

So what does this have to do with weddings?  Well, scroll through ideas on Google and Pinterest and you will find ingenious ways to add social media activities in your wedding or to help plan your wedding.  You don’t have to be a tech nerd to know how to do these things and some of it could be really helpful.




Oh yes, the hashtag.  A hashtag, in social media lingo, is more than just four lines crossing each other.  What a hashtag does is filters any photo or phrase using the same hashtag into one viewing place.  For a wedding this is a genius way to get content organized.


There are a bunch of popular social media sites that uses hashtags:  Twitter (where it all started), Instagram, and Facebook (just recently).  These are the three sites that are most used by people who uses smartphones, iPads or tablets.


For your wedding, you can create a sign that could be placed at each reception table informing people that if they have Twitter, Instagram or Facebook that they can use a certain hashtag word, for example: #ynjwedding.


Now everyone that posts a photo or status update with that hashtag phrase can view every photo and status update under that category.  Brides and grooms will love this feature because it will allow them to see things that they missed during their wedding.


Isn’t technology amazing?



Pinterest is addictive as chocolate, well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but if you have sat down at your computer “pinning” all night, you understand.  Pinterest is advertised as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.”  Yes!  Organization is a bride’s best friend, so is Pinterest.  You can do so many things on Pinterest.  You can create different boards for your wedding planning such as Wedding Dress, Cake Ideas, Bridesmaid Dresses, etc…and start pinning photos you find on the Internet.  It’s really helpful and keeps your ideas in one place.


What other ways can you use Pinterest for your wedding?  Instead of creating a wedding website people can go to for information.  Tell them that you have ideas on Pinterest that they can check out.  Yes they will have to sign up for an account but that’s easy enough.  Once they are following your boards you can pin ideas for your out-of-town guests to take advantage of.

Smartphone Vows:


It’s almost sacrilege to think it but vows have gone the way of smartphones, iPads and tablets.  Vows written on paper are still common but let’s face it, not everyone loves to write, when they can type it instead.  Smartphones are smaller to hold and won’t wrinkle in your pocket, though it may be wise to make sure it is fully charged before heading to the ceremony!  While it may not look as romantic as seeing a bride and groom read from classic paper, it gets the job done.  And in this day and age no one will even blink if the bride and groom pops out their phones and start reading they vows.  It’s the words that count, not what it’s written on

Wedding Apps:


There are a bunch of wedding apps out there on the market that can really help you stay organized in your wedding planning.  Appy Couple is an app that allows guests to find out information about your wedding such as dress code, event scheduling and so much more.  Wedding Budget is an app to basically keep you on track with the wedding funds, which is always good to have.   If you are using The Knot, a popular website for wedding planning, you are in luck because they have a free app too!  And definitely get an app for seating charts such as iWedding Deluxe or SeatingPlanner+.  Creating a seating chart with paper and pencil always ends up messy, so an app would really make things easier.

Using social media and technology is becoming more frequent when planning weddings and during the event as well.  In some cases, etiquette should be followed.  But what is proper social media etiquette when it comes to weddings?  Is it okay to say “I do”, turn around, snap a quick photo and post it to Facebook right away?  Well, that’s definitely up to the bride and groom.


One social media etiquette rule should be: Do not post your engagement on Twitter and Facebook before you tell your family or very important people.  Also, as a bride or groom, try to stay off your phone during your wedding reception because you really want to be in the moment.  Talk to your guests instead of staring down at your phone screen to post an update.  Designate an honorary “tweeter” to tweet what’s going on if you want to.


Etiquette should go both ways, the guests should follow them too, though it’s hard to enforce.  If the bride and groom doesn’t want a photo of the wedding posted while it’s taking place, then they should let their guests know and hopefully their wishes will be respected.


It’s hard to control the use of social media anywhere, especially at a wedding where everyone is on their phones capturing the moment and posting it on their pages.  Yet social media and technology can be a great help when planning a wedding when done right, so don’t be afraid to use it.  Be smart when using social media and technology and don’t let it overrun the most special event of your life.



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