Summer Wedding Bouquets

The thought of summer makes one think of long hot days.  It also brings to mind the thousands of weddings that take place during summer, which is the perfect season to get married.  Spring is when the flowers bloom and weddings usually take on a pastel color palette but summer is when the real fun starts.  Never mind that those flowers may wilt under the glare of a hot sun, weddings are still decorated with an abundant of them.

Summer season weddings tend to have brides that play with a bold bouquet of flower colors that range from hot pinks, bright yellows, deep purples, and stark whites.  Oh yes, even white can be bold in the summer.

Let’s take a look at some of these bold summer wedding bouquets!


Hot, Hot Pinks:


When it comes to a summer wedding bouquet, some definitely like it hot!  Hot pink is a bold summer color for any bride to choose.  It packs a punch and really makes a statement (the fact that you love hot pink!).  Try combining hot pink flowers with other hot colors like yellow, peach or orange.  Also, to give some variety to a hot pink bouquet, try different pink tones just slightly darker or lighter.  It will give your bouquet some dimension.


Like Fire – Orange, Yellow, Reds:


Another “hot” color choice for a summer wedding bouquet is orange, yellow and red.  It is the color of fire, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fiery combination choice.  You may think that the triple threat of colors may be too bright for summer, but here’s a trick: add a pop of green in your bouquet and it tones down the combination quite nicely.  On the other hand if it isn’t bright enough for you add some fuchsia and purple and you’ve taken your bouquet to another level!  This color combination can be quite stunning and perfect for a representation of summer colors and flowers.

White Out:


The color white is sometimes considered a non-color, but don’t put the brakes on when deciding on a white summer wedding bouquet.  Go full speed ahead!  There is nothing plain-Jane about the color white.  White is the color of the skies on those long summer days or the color of sea foam or waves at the beach.  White is pure summer!  It is bold, as it is stark.  White is simple, classic, and timeless.  The color stands alone quite lovely.  There are many white blooms that make a perfect bouquet.  Some very popular flowers include roses, peonies, gardenias, orchids, and anemones.

Rich Purple:


Lavender is a color mostly popular for spring weddings, but purple is perfect for the rest of the seasons.  Summer skies at sunset sometimes turn purple. Especially when the sun is just setting and night has mostly turned to dusk.  It’s a gorgeous rich color and lovely for a summer wedding bouquet as well.


If you don’t want a uniform purple bouquet, use different shades of purple in your bouquet with different types of flowers to give the shape of the bouquet some depth.

Yellow Mellow:


Summer seems so long sometimes that it’s easy to feel lazy and mellow.  The flower choices for a yellow wedding bouquet can be really versatile.  The yellow color can seem very bright and hot especially when adding other color flowers like pink, orange, or red to the mix.  But yellow can also be transformed into something cool, especially when you add complimentary colors like gray or silver to the bouquet.  A bouquet of yellow flowers can be perfect for any themed wedding.  It can be used for a beach wedding, garden wedding, even an elegant classy wedding.  There is nothing more summery than the color yellow, the color of the blinding sun in the sky on those blistering summer days.

Wedding Bouquet Tips:

* Flowers will wilt in the sun, but most florists know when to set up for a summer wedding outdoors to minimize the damage.  You do want the flowers to look wonderful in your photos.  But considering this, you should be open-minded about other flower choices than what is on the top of your list.  Another flower may stand the heat longer and might be better for your needs.


* Another way to keep within your floral budget is to mix up the types of flowers you use, which includes mixing with other colors.  Some brides want to match the flower exactly to the swatch of fabric of the bridesmaid dresses or table linen, but depth and dimension is important for a design to look good.  Listen to your florist suggestions and keep in mind that using different colors could actually make your bouquet much more stunning than you envisioned.


* Do not wait until the last minute to order flowers for your wedding.  It sometimes takes weeks for flowers to come in because some of them have to be imported.  Order your flowers weeks in advance.


* Have fun!


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