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Bridesmaids are very important people in a wedding party.  They are there to help the bride with the many tasks involved in planning a wedding.  They are there as a shoulder to cry on or an ear for listening when the bride wants to vent.  They throw the bridal shower and bachelorette parties.  A bride’s journey to the altar is made easier with her bridesmaid along for the ride.

On the wedding day, the bridesmaid job doesn’t end.  They will be the ones helping the bride with getting ready, keeping her calm and laughing.  The bridesmaids will make sure the bride has an amazing day.  It’s no wonder they deserve a special gift in thanks for all that they do.

Giving gifts to your bridesmaids can sometimes be daunting, especially when you are trying to find a gift that everyone will like.  A gift to each of your bridesmaids should be something special, something they will use and something affordable, especially if you have a large bridal party.  It’s the one thing you give them to say “thank you for everything”.

The great thing about shopping for women is that there are a variety of items to choose from.   Even the most standard bridesmaids gifts can be personalized.  Let’s take a look at some standard bridesmaid gift ideas and see how they can be made to be something special.




Jewelry is something that will almost please any girl, so think about getting your bridesmaids a necklace, ring or bracelet.  Pick something special like a personalized monogram pendant.  If you want to buy rings, you should get the ring sizes of your bridesmaids.  You may have more leeway with a standard bracelet size if you are leaning towards getting bracelets.  Necklaces are an easy bet because most people fit a standard sized chain.


To find affordable and unique jewelry, check out websites like Etsy where they feature handmade items or solicit the help of a friend that is very crafty.  If you are creative and tend to dabble in crafting, you can actually make the jewelry yourself.  That would make the gift extra special.


The Clutch Purse


A clutch purse is a very handy thing to have on any occasion but for a wedding, it can be the one thing that holds essentials your bridesmaids may need at the ceremony.  Most times a bride and her bridesmaids will get ready on the wedding day in the same place-usually a hotel room or house.  Since females need a lot of time for hair and make-up, it’s a very convenient thing to do.  Because of this everyone tends to bring their purses and bags to the room.


When going to the ceremony, bridesmaids can’t bring their regular handbags with them.  How would they keep an eye on them if they are running around trying to take care of the bride?  If they have a significant other in the audience then she can hand it over to him or a friend but most likely it’s not possible for her to bring everything she needs.  A clutch is perfect to hold only the essentials: lip gloss, a credit card (if it’s not open bar), cell phone, compact powder press and maybe some bobby pins.  A clutch purse will allow your bridesmaids to carry some things during the ceremony and reception without needing to run all the way back to the room.


Pick a design that matches the wedding dresses or a neutral color that they can use for other occasions after the wedding is over.  You can even design your own clutches!

Tote Bag

A tote bag is another standard gift for bridesmaids.  They are perfect because they can use it the day of the wedding (to pack their shoes, jewelry, etc…) and every day after.  You can also fill the bag with little goodies that the girls may need on the big day like a little pack of Kleenex, pre-wedding snacks or a scarf.

There are many stores and places online where you can get monogrammed tote bags.  But if you have the time and creativity you can tackle it yourself as a DIY project.  For a DIY project look online for very affordable blank canvas bags, choose a stencil and what you have is awesome gifts for your ladies.


Bottle of Wine

How is fun this idea of a regular bottle of wine with photos of you and your bridesmaids as the label?  It’s personalized and you can share the gift together when you have a girls’ night out at her house.  Pick a nice, dessert wine to give away because it’s the easiest to drink and light on taste, unless you know everyone’s wine’s preferences.  There are many affordable bottles of wine sold at stores so you can still stay within budget while giving a classy gift.


Be creative in creating the bottle label by choosing fun pictures of you and each individual bridesmaid.  This will sure bring a laugh and smile to your bridal party.  What a way to celebrate good times!


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