Indian Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Indian Wedding Photographer/Videographer are one of the first people to meet with the bride and groom on the date of the wedding. They also have one of the longest days as they only get to rest when the Bride and Groom do. With every aspect of the wedding needing to be captured the Photo/Video team need to ensure they catch pivotal moments in the wedding ceremony and reception, and with certain client the candid the moments between a new husband and wife, the pure joy on a child face when they see the animal the groom will be riding in during the baraat. The Photo/Video team usually needs to be in two places at once so they usually have a team of at least 3 to 4 people to help accommodate with all the moving parts of an Indian wedding. For example the first look is such a big bart and when ensure that groom doesn’t see the bride before hand.

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