How Do Indian Weddings Differ From The American Weddings

Indian Americans are now a sizeable community, accounting for approximately 4.7 % of the total population of the country USA. The second largest immigrant group numbers more than 2 million and ranks only behind Mexicans. As a consequence, Indian weddings that revolve around the Hindu practices and rituals, are increasingly common in the country. While the intermingling is charming and appreciable, the differences between the European, American or Christian weddings and the Indian weddings are quite evident and can be easily noticed. No wonder there are multiple Indian wedding planner in Orange Country businesses and services available in USA. The Indian wedding planners help plan, coordinate and materialize the weddings just like the way the emotional and rejoicing events are carried out in India. Here are some of the differences between the American and Indian wedding that you may want to know.

Number of guests

While the Americans only call their closest friends and relatives to their wedding, Indians usually call everybody they know. The hospitable Indians also show off their prosperity and wealth at the weddings and the invitations are a way to highlight their social status in the community and to be more socially active and familiar. As a consequence, an Indian wedding may have up to 1,000 guests or even more while and American wedding usually does not has more than 75 or 80 guests.


Indian weddings can span over a whole week as there are a number of Hindu rituals and customs that are carried out during the period, while an American wedding may be over in around 5 hours (it practically may take 15 minutes only). Indian weddings are not only coming together of the spouses but may also symbolise intermingling, interweaving and commencement of a lifelong association In between two families and groups.


Indian weddings usually accommodate greater fanfare and lighting, flower and other decorations, music, and DJ, and catering are common and essentials. An American wedding, in contrast, may be more simple, straightforward, and may have lesser of these elements.

Indian weddings require greater planning with respect to venue selection, makeup, decoration the and other preparations and a leading Indian wedding venue Orange County coordination service will help you make the event memorable.


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