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Pantone has declared the color of the year is emerald but mint is the color that’s really taken over wedding season.  Is it then safe to say that “going green” at least color wise, is in vogue?  Besides the color green, planning eco-friendly weddings has been really popular of late.  Let’s face it, planning a wedding uses a lot of resources.  A lot of it seems like a ton of waste just for a wedding.  Think of all that paper being used for the invitations, menus and escort cards.  What about those expensive flowers that will be used only for one day?

            Going green for a wedding is not only a nice thing to do for the environment but it’s really smart as well.  It’s also beneficial for the budget conscious bride.  Eco-friendly doesn’t mean a wedding will be drab and dull.  It is still possible to have a fabulous wedding while making eco-friendly choices and here are some ways that you can do it:


Paper requires some trees to be sacrificed.  But everyone wants to have that gorgeous invitation to send out to their friends and family.  One way you can cut down on paper in a wedding invitation is to keep it simple.  Have one main invitation card, and a postcard RSVP in the envelope.  If they need directions to the wedding venue, they can always Google the address.  Another way people can RSVP so you can minimize on the paper use, is to set up an RSVP email account and have guests email their reservation.  Also, look for recycled or plantable paper to use for your invitations.  For printing needs, try soy-based inks.


Recycled Gowns:

A recycled gown doesn’t sound so appealing at first but remember dresses are worn only once.  A company called Tradesy doesn’t only sell recycled gowns, but think about outfits for the whole entourage.  Remember, you can get a real discount on amazing name brand dresses if they have already been worn.  This is an option to definitely look into, especially if you are on a budget.


Linens and Things:

There are a lot of aspects of wedding design that can be minimized in order to have “green” elements in your wedding.  Wedding linens can be eco-friendly.  Think of organic materials like burlap or linen.  If you can get away without using a tablecloth on your reception tables, you can keep your wedding “green” as well.  For design concepts without using a tablecloth try using glass top tables or wood.

Other ways to keep eco-friendly when designing your wedding is using different lighting options.  LED lights are popular but candles use no electricity at all.  Even candles though can be more “green” than they are.  Using candles made of soy or beeswax can reduce the soot that forms from burning candles.

Also vintage is always a great theme for a wedding.  Get items from people you know or rent things instead of buying them.  Simple actions like these really go far in helping our environment.



Cut flowers are used in abundance in the wedding ceremony and reception space.  But these die quickly and will have to be thrown out at the end of the night.  To be more eco-friendly think of plotted plant centerpieces that guests can take home, especially those with a green-thumb who can replant these beauties and keep them thriving.  If you do want cut flowers, try checking out some local nurseries to buy flowers from than having your blooms imported from a place far away.  This will help lower your contribution to the carbon footprint that takes place in planning your wedding.  Also take a look at other types of flowers or plants you can use in your flower arrangements.  Try using fruits in your centerpieces or table décor.  Fruits are easily consumed and in this aspect the fruit it is used in more than one way.




To be more eco-friendly with favors, think of things that can be easily consumed like candies, cupcakes or a cake-pop.  A packet of seeds or a small plant for your guests to take home is great too because it all goes back into the beautiful earth.  Even the packaging for your favors can be made with organic materials like burlap pouches.  For example, if you and your spouse are coffee lovers, try packaging organic coffee beans in a small burlap pouch as a nice favor to your wedding guests.



Yes, food can be eco-friendly too!  Think organic and locally grown items.  Also, buffets leave a lot of wasted food left over, so go for a classy plated meal instead.  This lowers the amount of food to be thrown out and less dishes to wash which means less water to waste as well.

Simple things can help make your wedding more eco-friendly.  Find more ideas and advice online.  You will be surprised to see what elements you can add to your wedding to make it more “green”.

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