Creative Couple Wedding Photos

An area that couples spend their wedding budget on is photography. It is one of the most important things about the wedding. Wedding photography is the one thing other than the Indian Wedding Videographer Los Angeles where you can use to look back to the special day and relive it for years to come. Photos are cherished, they are memories stopped in time. Wedding photography is essential.

There are many guides and lists you can find online and in bridal magazines that show the types of photos, you must have of your wedding day. The list consists of general photos like the bridal party photos, family photos and different poses and photos to take of the couple. Photos of the various wedding details like the bride’s wedding shoes, the table decorations, flowers and many other photos are included on the list as well.

Since almost hundreds of photos will be taken on the wedding day by your photographer, and about a hundred of them will make it to the best photos category it would be almost a crime not to include some creative couple wedding photos.
These creative photos include poses that are fun, intimate, different, unique and very cool. Sometimes your photographer will have many ideas up their sleeve since they are the professionals in this scenario, but if you have a few of your own, don’t feel shy about what you want.

Here are five creative photos scenarios that you might want to add to the must-have wedding photo list.

On the Road:

Photos taken on asphalt have an edge and cool factor to them. They remind the viewer of a magazine ad. As a wedding photo it’s different and non-traditional, yet perfect for the couple that want to step out of the box. Photos taken on a road also holds another meaning other than it just being a cool picture. Roads represent journeys and marriage is an adventurous undertaking for sure. So if you want something creative, meaningful and you don’t mind standing in the middle of the road, add this photo op to your must-have photo list. You won’t regret it.

Different Point of View:

There is always a photo of the bride and groom kissing at the altar but usually the photo is taken from the audience angle. The background is usually what is used as the altar or even maybe an amazing sunset. Now imagine taking a different point of view and instead of hiding the audience, include the audience in the photo. This photo idea is creative but touching and intimate as well because you get to see the faces of your wedding guests and their reaction to the first wedding kiss. This is definitely a photo that would be a great wall decoration in your new home as husband and wife.

Passionate Kiss:

Speaking of kisses, there are many kisses throughout the wedding day and night between the newlyweds. There is the kiss after the “I Do’s” which can be as sweet as any kiss can be and other kisses that take place during the first dance, cutting of the cake or seated during dinner, just for fun. But what about taking a photo of a passionate kiss between the newlyweds? It’s a stellar idea because it is passion between these two people that got them to the altar in the first place. And it makes a rocking photo. A photo that captures the essence of the couple in a passionate kiss is intimate indeed but it’s a good photo reminder down the road for the couple. A reminder that once upon a time before the wedding, before the house and kids, there were just two people who fell madly in love. The love turned into a promise to weather any storm marriage can bring and also to keep the passion alive between them until death do they part. This is a must have photo for any wedding photo list!

Heart Hands:

Wedding photos involve taking pictures of faces: the bride, the groom, the bridal party, family and friends. But photos taken of other body parts, like the hands, speak volumes. These days making symbols with your hands, for example the letters “LOVE” or a heart is very popular in any kind of photo. But use the symbol in a wedding photo and it can be the sweetest photo in the pile. Hands are very important in a wedding. It is what joins people together that touch of the face, the act of holding hands, the symbolism of placing rings on fingers to signify unity. A photo of a couple in an embrace, with their hands as a focus can make any heart go pitter-patter. It’s the sweetness of the photo that makes it so beautiful.

Props are great for wedding photos. One fantastic idea is to have the bride holding a bunch of balloons while in an embrace. The photo gives the illusion of the bride about to be swept away. It’s fun, creative, quirky and different. If you want to use props for a wedding photo, be sure to have the items there at the wedding. The wedding day photo shoot is extensive and timed on a schedule because there are a million things to do. So plan it wisely and have the items ready for use.

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