Bridesmaid Dress Options

Finding dresses to please bridesmaids can be a challenging feat.  Everyone is different and has their own style, so trying to make all your girls happy can be difficult.  Today it is more popular than ever to have different bridesmaid dress options.  One example for a dress option is to have the bridesmaids pick different style dresses, but all in the same color.  Some brides even have their brides wear different colors.

One of the key reasons that contribute to making bridesmaid dress shopping harder than it should be is that body shapes are all so different.  Finding the dress to please everyone is not so easy.  You need to choose a dress that helps flatter every shape and size so that all your girls will feel beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day.


Short Dresses:


Short bridesmaids dresses seem like the easier choice when deciding on the length of the dress.  Brides tend to want to pick a dress that their bridesmaids can hopefully wear out again after the wedding.  Short dresses accomplish this goal.  Bridesmaid dresses can get expensive when you start to add accessories, alterations and then shoes – your bridesmaids can end up spending a lot to be in your wedding.  That’s unless you are the type of bride who decides to cover the cost of the dress.  So you want to pick a dress that is worth the money they are spending.


If you are going for a short dress, pick a style that flatters every body type.  How to do that?  Make sure your girls come bridesmaid dress shopping with you so they can try on dresses.  If they aren’t present for dress shopping then you have to make the best decision.  Choose a fabric that gives more leeway or a cut that works on every shape.  Consult with your dress vendor.


Also consider the feel and theme of your wedding.  Is a short length the right look for your wedding?  Should the fabric be more structured or soft and flowy?  Should the color be bright and bold or subdued and neutral?


Short dresses are fun and can be the perfect type of dress for your wedding.

Long Dresses:


Long bridesmaid dresses automatically feel like you are going to be part of a special, formal event.  They really are perfect for a formal wedding affair.  Because the length is longer, which consists of more fabric, the price point will most likely be higher than a shorter dress.  Unless you can find a good deal on dresses.


As for the point of being a dress that can be worn again after the wedding, long dresses can later on be shortened to wear on different occasions.  Long bridesmaids dresses are beautiful and can make any woman feel elegant and statuesque.  Remember have your girls try on different styles of dresses before you all make the final decision.

Uniform Color, Different Styles:


Say all your girls can’t agree on which dress style to choose.  Do you draw straws?  Do you let each girl make a case for why her dress pick would be the best fit for everyone?  Or do you drop the hammer and let all the girls know your favorite dress pick and you will allow no arguments?


How about the option of picking different dress styles in the same color?  Now that’s a compromise that could make everyone happy, including you, the already stressed out bride.  This is a great option.  To make your girls look uniform, make sure to get the same color dresses and alter the hemlines to be the same as well.  Also, have the girls buy the same shoes to keep the look consistent.

Variety in the Same Color Palette:


Maybe uniform is not for you.  Maybe you like different colors in the same color palette as your wedding and you also want to give your girls the freedom to choose their own dresses.  It’s not unheard of and the trend is becoming quite popular.  This option really gives your bridesmaid the freedom to choose and be comfortable in their choices.  This will ultimately make all your bridesmaids happy.  Choose different dress styles within in the same color palette you like.  In the end, make sure you get to see the dresses and make the final approval since you know how you want your bridal party to look like.

A Rainbow of Color:


Is it really so hard to choose one color or two for your bridesmaids?  Then maybe you won’t mind a rainbow of colors in your bridal party.  Then this option is for you.  They did it in the first Sex in the City movie, where Carrie gets stood up at the altar.  Her bridesmaids wore different styles and bold colors, as fashionistas stylishly can. Can you and your girls pull off this trend?


This option is not for the shy bride or bridesmaids.  It is fun and bold, so don’t force anyone to wear what they don’t want.  Make sure the hues, if all bright and jewel-toned go well together.  Also plan out who will wear which color and make sure they want to wear the color.

Other tips:

* Bridesmaids and brides always try to diet before the wedding – but do not buy a size too small.  It’s better to buy bigger and then take it in when you finally hit your weight goal.


* Dresses are not worth fighting over.  This is a special day, but the time take in planning it can make tensions high.  Don’t fight over the small stuff like bridesmaid dresses.  You can’t please everyone, so compromise, there are always options.


* You want your girls to look amazing next to you, not dull.  The rule about having them wear boring dresses so that you can shine is pretty old school.  You want your girls to look beautiful because you love them, or you wouldn’t have picked them to be in your wedding.


* Have fun!  This is one of the most fun times to have with your girlfriends so soak it up and make lasting memories.


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