Big Fat Indian Weddings: Do you need a fat budget for it as well?

Indian weddings are all about two things: food and the many ceremonies. Both of these make or break the charm of a good wedding, because there’s always the stress of the budget and the stress of planning associated with it. Who doesn’t want a perfect wedding after all?

Hiring an Indian wedding planner Los Angeles has never been easier and fun at the same time. A wedding planner in place brings out the full essence of an event professional, as they do all the managing and planning of the wedding with you still being in total control. Videographers, decorators and caterers are a few elements of the wedding that are hard to mix and match with, especially during rush hours or budget constraints. Sure, some event professionals have their own contacts and team for each department, but with that arrangement comes a higher rate of unexpected breakdowns.

WeddingStore24 offers a premium level of full-service wedding planning that help the bride and groom to have their dream wedding from the beginning to the end without any parties losing it all. Our professionalism is carefully organized and transparent at the same time, wherein we consult and take care of all wedding related operation requirements. Over and above being leading and experienced event professionals, we’re licensed and certified as well.

Despite the expertise and enthusiasm that we bring in, our budgets are very flexible as per your need. We’re specialists in Indian themed weddings, so if you need an Indian wedding photographer Los Angeles, Indian wedding hair & make-up Los Angeles or the whole package, we’ve got you covered. However, knowing our good sides still doesn’t solve your prime question: Do we cost, or do we save?

Our paychecks help us serve you better. But consider this: if you were to do all of the planning and execution by yourself, alongside handling work, family and life in general, are you sure your entire wedding would be perfect without losing money unnecessarily? It’s a very narrow window there. As we have ongoing relationships with wedding vendors, it’s easier for us to help you streamline costs and reduce any amount of wastage.

We strategically mediate between you and our vendors, and welcome all your cost-saving and dreamy ideas as well- we totally understand the depth of this milestone. Our honest pricing and expertise saves you more time than anyone else. So, if you’re considering having a smooth wedding at your budget, get in touch with us today!


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