A little to Do before the I Do’s

After you have picked a wedding date and have confirmed the availability of your venue, it is time to pick your Save-the-Date. Typically, this pre-invitation mailing officially announces your engagement and notifies your guests of the basic details of your wedding, such as the date (no kidding!) and the location (city and state). Besides, your guests need enough time to pencil it in their calendars, book travel, save money and ask for days off from work. As a general rule, it is best to send out your save-the-date around 7 months prior to the ceremony date.

What I most enjoy about a Save-the-Date is that it doesn’t have to follow your wedding décor nor does it have to be formal. Here are a few unique save-the-date ideas. Enjoy! 

Unique Save-the-Date Ideas

A decoding Save-the-Date

For a fun and quirky couple, check out the decoder save-the-date! Opting for a save-the-date with a message that can only be seen if wearing a pair of decoder glasses, will leave a lasting impression on your guests-to-be. The feeling of decoding a message leaves a sense of accomplishment and exclusivity, which is sure to be a treat for all!


Tie the Knot!

Let’s face it, unisex clothing is “in”, so why not gift your save-the-date in the form of a tie? This type of save-the-date accomplishes 3 things: unique play on words, a gift for both your female and male guests-to-be and months of talk about your unique save-the-date!


Coasting to the wedding!

The great thing about a coaster is its visibility. Your guests will constantly be reminded of your wedding whenever they place a drink on their save-the-date coaster. I have seen many coasters with only the basic wedding details, but what about taking it a step further and printing a picture of the bride and groom? Check out the creative caricature below!

Rather than an engagement picture, insert a caricature of yourself.

Picking a coaster with neutral colors fits right into any home décor.


Magnetizing Love

Magnet save-the-dates are currently very popular and have been used by many couples. Its popularity is definitely warranted! How easy is it to slap a magnet on your refrigerator?  Just like with a coaster, it is visible, which will constantly remind your guests-to-be of your wedding date and it is also less likely for it to get lost or tossed.

Tumbled stone tile magnet from Terrill’s Tiles

Include an engagement picture along with a calendar of your wedding month and circle your wedding date.

The most important thing to remember is to remain true to yourself and chose a save-the-date that reflects both of your personalities. It’s the first wedding piece your guests-to-be will receive, so make it count!


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